The Southern Maryland Scale Modelers meet every third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm. We currently meet at the NSi, 21513 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, Maryland.

Everyone is welcome, all we ask is that you bring a project, finished or not, theme or non-theme to share during our Show-N-Tell discussion. Okay, you don't really have to bring a project...

Monday, July 17, 2017

168: July 2017 Meeting

Just a friendly reminder for our July meeting, at 7pm Thursday, 20 July.  As I've mentioned earlier, we will be in the NSi conference room.  We will continue to meet there until the Pax Museum is 

21513 Great Mills Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653

That's across the road from Street Trenz, on the corner of Great Mills Rd and Pacific Drive.  Can't miss it.

The theme for July is Big Mac: Any subject made by McDonnell-Douglas (that's McDonnell, Douglas, or McDonnell-Douglas, but not Boeing).

Please show up and enjoy the company of fellow modelers; bring a project, finished or not and we don't care if it's related to the theme but we will expect you to talk about it.  

As always, we don't even care if you bring a project so long as you have a good time.

Friday, July 14, 2017

167: June 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting at NSi was great.  Plenty of pizza for everyone and even a few models showed up.

My notes show 22 models with 18 members in attendance.  I didn't move quick enough with the picture taking so not all models made the photo time less talking and more photography!

We will continue to meet at NSi, and this time I promise to get the address correct...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

166: May 2017 Meeting Minutes

We had a pretty good turnout...21 1/2 members brought 26 models, plus we had the F11C-2 display in case anyone missed it. Lots of rehashing how well it went at the NoVa Model Classic. A great time was had by all!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

2018 Themes

Below are the voting results of the 2018 Theme ballots. We had 8 themes make the "top 7"; a roll call vote at the 18th May meeting of all members in attendance chose "Out of this World" as our 9th theme for 2018.  We already had "Great War in the Air" as a theme for February.

Some additional statistics:

  • 64 ballots went out
  • 24 total ballots were received with votes
Please note the month for the theme.  

December is the Christmas Party, October is the "Build the Same Kit", August is "Amnesty" and June is always "Anniversary".  June 2018 will mark 17 years for the club.

Theme Month
Delta Delta Delta - something with a delta wing; something used by Delta Force; the "D" model of anything January

The Great War in the Air - Revell 1/28 Scale Biplanes February
Aces - Any subject associated with a famous (or not so famous) ace March
Reel Models — Subjects that have appeared in a film or on television. April
Star of David - Any Israeli subject May

Anniversary - 17th Anniversary of the Club!  Pizza and BYOB. June
Turning the Tide - Any subject related to key turning points in major theaters of wars; Midway, Stalingrad, Gettysburg, El-Alamein, etc. July

Amnesty - Any project which didn't make the deadline for a previous theme month in any year. August
The Great War - Any subject from 1914 - 1918. September
Out of this world - real space or science fiction October
BTSK - Revell 1/48 Stearman November

No Theme - Christmas Party December
Add the below to the 2019 Theme Ballot
Chicks dig weasels - Any wild weasel, iron hand or related subject

Hold your horses - Any subject named after a horse (P-51 Mustang, Ford Mustang, Bronco, etc); or any horse themed artwork (Norfolk Southern, nose art, etc).

Hooked - Any subject that “got you hooked”; car, motorcycle, aircraft, tank, ship, boat, person…

X factor - something experimental; x-plane or equivalent used for research, not a prototype for a production system

Old School Demos - Any demo team subject that is pre-Hornets and pre-Fighting Falcons.

Junkyard Dogs - Any subject abandoned or in the boneyard; or rebuild a kit that’s from your junk pile.

Breaking the barrier - Any subject that was designed to break the sound barrier, or was the FIRST to do so in its class.  

League of Nations - The New NATO - Any subject from a country that as joined NATO since the fall of the Soviet Union

Gentlemen, start your engines!  - Any racing subject, real or imagined.

King Kong — 1/72 Revell Kaydet in black/white markings for 1933 diorama

Hail to the Chief - Any subject related to a President (USS Harry S Truman, GHW Bush’s TBM Avenger, JFK’s Lincoln, Air Force One, Navy One, etc)

Team Building - Two or more members team up to build a model or diorama

Aim High Alongapo - Any Philippine Air Force subject

Two Tickets to Paradise - Any subject that takes you to your place of paradise; train, plane, automobile, scooter, skateboard…

For the BTSK voting:

Votes Kit

BTSK - Revell 1/48 Stearman

Add the below to the 2019 Theme Ballot
BTSK - Airfix 1/72 Hurricane

BTSK - Monogram 1/72 P-6E

BTSK - Revell 1/72 Sherman

BTSK - Eduard 1/72 MiG-15 kit, any boxing.

For both lists...everything below the yellow line will go into the 2019 ballot.